Presenting Matthew Christopher!

​Matthew Christopher was born and raised on a pig farm in Iowa. At a young age, Matthew was involved with 4H, where he learned to sew from his grandmother. His garments were praised the highest award with a blue ribbon.

Throughout high school, Matthew was enthused with designing, and always with bridal gowns. After high school he went on to study fashion design at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as Iowa State University.

Like many designers, Matthew wanted to make a name for himself in New York City. In his early career he worked as an intern with Vera Wang and an assistant designer for Candice Solomon.

While gaining experience, Matthew Christopher became a designer for Galina bridal where he worked with high end bridal designers such as Lazaro, Judd Waddell, and Christos. Matthew’s designs were featured in many bridal publications, where he is credited to giving Galina their contemporary look.

Finally in 2002, Matthew Christopher created his very own bridal line. Matthew Christopher’s brand is best explained on his website as: modern elegance combined with classic glamour. From hand-drawn, organic beading to show stopping silhouettes, Matthew creates drama in every detail.

Modern Dress: Matty by Matthew Christopher

Price Range: $1,800-3,000

To read more about Matthew Christopher visit his website:

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