What To Expect At A Modern Dress Bridal Appointment

Now that you have found the love of your life and a beautiful ring it is time to start looking for the perfect bridal gown!

1. Welcome

When the bride and her entourage first arrive to Modern Dress, you will be greeted by a receptionist and kindly asked to remove your shoes (to protect your gown and ours). Then the bride's consultant will introduce herself and gather information from the bride. The bride should be ready to explain her style, budget, and wedding details. The consultant will then help the bride start finding bridal gowns that fit her unique style.

2. Who To Bring

At Modern Dress we recommend that the bride brings the people she trusts the most, which may include her maid of honor and mother. These trustworthy people are the ones that know the bride the best and have the best interest for her. With too many conflicting opinions, the bride may easily get overwhelmed with the process. By bringing the right entourage the bride will find the gown that suits her style and personality the best!

3. Sample Sizes

The bridal gowns at Modern Dress are all sample sizes because we can’t carry every dress in every size. This means that the dresses the bride tries on might not fit her perfectly, but don’t worry, our staff at Modern Dress are highly trained to do our best to show the bride how the same dress would look in your size. Once the bride finds the gown she loves, her consultant will measure the bride and order the correct size for her!

4. What To Wear

First of all we suggest the bride wear appropriate underwear that she doesn’t mind being seen in since her consultant will more than likely be helping her in and out of the bridal gowns. Try to wear flesh-coloured, seamless underwear and a good, uplifting strapless bra. For hair and makeup the bride should do as she pleases, but it never hurts to have a complete look!

That being said, once the bride has said YES at Modern Dress, the sooner she can place her order the better and more stress-free the process will be.  With bridal gowns taking 6-9 months the bride will have comfortable room to find accessories, bridesmaids, and so much more!

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